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Can sealer be applied at night?

Coal tar sealer manufacturers do not recommend that sealer be applied at night, nor do we at Asphalt Enterprises recommend it.  In fact, we cannot warrant sealer that is applied at night.  There are two factors that come into play when applying sealer at night.  Firstly, the sun's ultra violet rays are very important in the curing process of sealer.  When sealer dries from the rays of ultra-violet light it forms a harder film, thus giving it a longer life.  Sealer applied at night will not receive the crucial sun's rays, and the dry film will be softer, thus subject it to premature wear once traffic hits the newly sealed pavement.  Secondly, at night the humidity can be very high, especially here in the south.  One will notice that early in the morning the grass is very wet, also one can notice morning dew on automobiles.  This morning dew also has an effect on sealer that is applied at night.  Again, the sealer cannot dry to a hard film, thus causing premature wear to the sealer once it is opened for traffic in the morning.  In laboratory studies using abrasion tests, 2 samples of dry sealer were tested; one that was applied at night, with a high dew point, and one that was applied during the day with low humidity and direct sunlight.  After the abrasion tests were completed, the sealer applied at night wore 3 times faster than that applied during daylight hours.

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