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How can I easily improve the look of my parking lot?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the overall condition of your lot. If your lot is nearing the end of its service life, it may be that you will need to consider a complete resurfacing or something major. If your lot is relatively new with few surface defects there are some very inexpensive options available to greatly increase the lifespan and attractiveness of your pavement property. Let’s start with a very simple option that can make a big difference simply on safety and curb appeal.

Pavement Markings & Signage Services

If pavement markings and parking lot stall lines on your lot are beginning to dull and lose their crisp look, you may consider brightening up your parking lot by repainting parking lot stripes and other appropriate markings. This alone, while inexpensive, can greatly increase your lots overall safety by providing clearly visible directives to both vehicles and pedestrians.

Along those same lines you can also add new signage for vehicles and pedestrians. By ensuring all exits, entrances and pedestrian walkways are clearly marked, you reduce the risk of accidents, and your legal liability, should one occur.

Both of these options will also keep your parking lot looking its best, adding curb appeal to your property and drawing new customers. Every business knows first impressions count, and it’s important your pavement reflects the professional image of your business before they walk in the door.

These two services offered by Asphalt Enterprises are a great way improve a lot that has been sealed in the last several years and is structurally sound.

Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Services

If your parking lot is beginning to show signs of stress or the sealant is beginning to wear off, it may be time to re-seal your parking lot or perform minor asphalt repairs. Sealcoating is relatively inexpensive and should be performed every 3-5 years depending on traffic and pavement condition.

When properly applied, an asphalt sealant can greatly extend the life of your pavement, even double it. It will also restore the like new surface your parking lot had when it was newly installed. This alone can have a great impact on your business and attract new customers looking for the services you offer.

Other services offered to help improve the look of your parking lot include pothole repair and crack repair. These are more serious in nature because they can become a liability should anyone be injured on your lot.

For other ideas on how to improve the look of your parking lot, contact Asphalt Enterprises. Do not put this critical aspect of your business in the hands of just anyone. We have over 30 years experience in the Atlanta area. Call us at 404-424-5001.

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