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Is the lowest price always the best option?

In these tough economic times, everyone is cost conscience, and finding ways to cut costs is paramount.  But many times, choosing the contractor with the lowest price, but in return getting poor quality and service, can present problems that eliminate any cost savings, and many times cost more money down the road.

Here at Asphalt Enterprises, we have always strived to be very competitive when pricing projects, and yes, many times we are the lowest bid, but the majority of the time, we find out that we are usually in the middle.  One thing a customer must investigate is, are apples and apples being compared?  Is the scope of work the same? The specifications?  What type of equipment are the bidders using?  Some might think that apples and apples are always being compared when evaluating a proposal, even when specifications are the same.  But there are many things that add value to a proposal that can't been seen on paper.  We use 3-4 different types of rollers on paving jobs, including a rubber tire roller.  This adds a huge value to the job.  On large paving jobs we always bring a spare paving machine, to eliminate any down time if we have a breakdown.  This downtime can prove disastrous to a property owner.  Of course there is a value added to bringing a spare machine.  We pride ourselves in answering our cell phones, and providing superior customer service.  We do not use a voice mail system in our office, all phone lines are answered by one of our office staff, so our customers can be attended to immediately.  There is a value added with this type of customer service.  Our crews are the most experienced in the Atlanta area, and we have had very, very low employee turnover during our years in business.  Most have been with the company 17-25 years.  This type of experience also adds a huge value and also peace of mind to the customers that they will receive high quality work. And adding to that, the 3 principals of our company have over 80 years combined experience in the asphalt industry.  No other company can match our experience.

On projects where vehicles can impede the commencement of work, we can arrange for a towing service beforehand to re-locate the vehicles and just bill you, with no markup on our end.  We post "NO PARKING" signs in advance on all jobs so that tenants/customers/residents know which areas we are paving/sealcoating.  We also can send out notices to tenants/residents to inform them of the upcoming work, again at no cost to our customers.  We strive to make the paving/sealcoating projects as worry free to our customers as possible, and in the end a very positive experience.

So, when choosing a contractor for your next project, please take these facts into consideration.  By visiting our website, viewing our equipment in action in the completed projects section, checking our references,  looking at the vast experience we have, and weighing the above points, one must ask, why not choose Asphalt Enterprises for your next project, even if our price is a little higher than the lowest bid? 

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