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Should I be concerned about cracks in my asphalt?

Yes. You cannot afford to ignore the cracks in pavement. Cracks can be a result of pavement not being properly maintained, poor installation, or simply due to aging. Regardless, cracks allow moisture to seep down into the structure of the pavement and cause serious damage to its structure and the underlying base layers. As cracks grow and get larger, potholes begin to form. Left unrepaired the surrounding areas begin to disintegrate and require major asphalt repairs including a complete resurfacing. This is why crack sealing is so important.

Asphalt Enterprises is the Atlanta crack sealing expert. We’ve saved atlanta property owners and businesses many thousands of dollars in costly repairs with this simple procedure.

Is Crack Sealing Expensive?

No. Crack sealing is a very inexpensive procedure. In fact, no single asphalt maintenance procedure is as critical -- and cost effective -- as asphalt crack sealing. This simple procedure will stop water in its tracks and allow pavement to expand and contract all while creating a barrier against moisture, dirt and chemicals.

To accomplish this, we first clean the cracks from all debris using wire brushes and compressed air. We then fill each crack using a high quality hot pour rubberized material. These materials withstand the changing of the seasons and are best at keeping cracks sealed and moisture free.

If you see large or even the smallest crack in your asphalt pavement, don’t delay. Asphalt Enterprises is the Atlanta asphalt crack sealing expert. We have over 30 years experience and have served some of areas largest brands and smallest businesses. Visit our recent work page to see a few of our best customers.

Call us at 770-424-5001 for more information or to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

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