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We recently had a plumbing repair in our street. How should the hole be prepared, prior to having it patched with asphalt?

After the plumber has completed the repair and has stabilized the area surrounding the pipe, he needs to pump out any water that is in the hole, then fill the hole with G.A.B granular aggregate base material, in 12 inch lifts, compacting each lift, until the hole is filled, with approximately 2-3 inches of rock remaining above street level.  After approx. 5-7 days, the area can be patched, by removing the excess rock down to a depth of 3 inches, compacting the remaining rock, then patching the area with hot mix. Never let the plumber place the excavated dirt and material back into the hole after completing the plumbing repair, especially if the material is wet.  Always use the method outlined above.

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