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What are the benefits of a squeegee/spray sealcoat application?

This type of application is superior to the standard 2 coat spray application on many levels. With a squeegee application the sealer is forced down into the voids and small hairline cracks, thus filling these areas. Secondly, the pavement receives a far better coverage than with a spray coat. Most asphalt varies in porosity, where even the best spray coat applicator cannot guarantee proper coverage with the spray wand. The squeegee machine forces the material down into the pavement, where there is no way any light spots can be left behind, which is sometimes common with a spray coat. After the squeegee coat is dry, we follow with a spray coat, thus providing a coating on the high ridges of the pavement, leaving a build up of material on these ridges, something the squeegee machine can't do. Thus you are getting the ideal application of sealer, working the material into voids, hairline cracks, and porous areas, followed by the build up of sealer on the ridges of the asphalt, providing a nice finish.

Asphalt Enterprises is one of the very few sealcoat applicators in Atlanta that has the equipment and experience to provide this type of coating. We have been applying sealer in this fashion since the late 1980's, with much success. We find that this type of application lasts much longer than the traditional 2 coat spray option, since more material is being placed on the pavement.

Please visit the completed projects section of our website to see pictures of sealer being applied using this method, or just click on these links:



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