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What are the weather limitations, if any, for placing hot mix asphalt?

Please see the chart below:

Weather is an important factor when paving/placing hot asphalt mix. Asphaltic concrete (hot asphalt mix) cannot be placed if the existing surface is wet and/or frozen. Also, the placement cannot begin until the minimum temperature is in accordance with the following table. The temperature must be checked in the shade, away from artificial light. Please also keep in mind that wind chill must also be taken into account, since cold winds will cool asphalt quicker before and during placement.


               LIFT THICKNESS                        MINIMUM TEMPERATURE


                        1” or less                                             55 degrees F


                      1.1” to 2”                                              45 degrees F


                      2.1” to 3”                                              40 degrees F


                      3.1” to 4 “                                             35 degrees F 


                      4.1” to 8”                                              32 degrees and rising        

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