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What is the purpose of a "rubber tire roller" and it is necessary to use one in the paving process?

The use of a pneumatic roller (or rubber tire roller) is vital in the compaction process of asphalt paving, in that, it is able to conform to the surface being paved.  Steel drum rollers do a great job in the initial phase of rolling, but they also bridge some areas of the asphalt mat being laid, whereas, the pneumatic roller kneads the hot mix asphalt, working each of the 9 oscillating tires into the asphalt mat. Not only does this achieve denser compaction, but it also drives the bigger aggregate in the mix down, and brings the fine aggregate to the top, actually sealing the asphalt better to eliminate voids and preventing water intrusion. We use a rubber tire roller on every paving job, even using it on medium to large size asphalt repairs.  In order to achieve the proper compaction and density of the asphalt and to ensure a long lasting, smooth pavement surface, the use of a rubber tire roller in the paving process is paramount.

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