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What is the purpose of asphalt sealing?

Asphalt sealing is the most effective way to protect an asphalt pavement, greatly extending its life and serviceability. Asphalt Enterprises is the Atlanta asphalt sealing expert with over 30 years of experience.

The purpose of an asphalt sealant is much like the protective seal you would apply to a wooden deck or other material exposed to the elements. In the same way, asphalt sealants lock in the important qualitys of pavement that keep it sound, and lock out the elements that cause deterioration. When left unprotected, asphalt deteriorates much quicker due to its exposure to sunlight, water, salts, chemicals and petroleum products. These elements cause cracks and potholes to form that allow water into the pavement structure, greatly excelerating a pavement's failure. These failures not only cause serious problems for the pavement, but also create serious hazards for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Furthermore, if anyone trips and falls because of unmaintained asphalt, or steps into a pothole, you might end up in court facing a skilled slip and fall attorney.

Asphalt Enterprises is the Atlanta asphalt sealing expert with over 30 years experience performing asphalt paving, maintenance and repair in the metro Atlanta area.

Protect Your Pavement Investment from Costly Repairs

Quality asphalt sealing can help prevent all of these problems by protecting the asphalt, maintaining its flexibility, and keeping moisture at bay. Asphalt sealing can be performed several months after the pavement has been laid, and then every 2-4 years after depending on the amount of traffic and condition of the pavement.

If a pavement is not sealed, UV rays from the sun will cause it to oxidize, making the surface dry and brittle. As the liquid asphalt binder begins to dry raveling will occur and small cracks will begin to form. That opens the way for water, oil and other chemicals to easily enter the pavement and get down into the base. With moisture beneath the surface and the structure compromised, those cracks will only widen and eventually cause more serious defects like alligator cracking and potholes.

Visit our service page on asphalt sealcoating for more information about how we can help.

If you are looking for quality asphalt sealing in Atlanta you can trust Asphalt Enterprises to take care of your asphalt investment. It will more than pay for itself over the life of your pavement. Call us at 770-424-5001.

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