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What time of year is best for sealcoating?

Here in Atlanta, our sealcoating season runs from April until the first week in November.  Ideally, we recommend that you sealcoat during the months of May – September, when pavement temperature is ideal, as well as the amount of UV rays that can be exposed to the new sealer on the pavement, which is critical for the proper drying and curing of the sealer.

In order to follow manufacturers’ specifications and from our decades of experience in applying sealer, we only apply sealer from the last week of March to the first week in November.  Many times some of our competitors apply sealer in December, even in January and February.  Unfortunately these contractors are being less than honest and are doing their customers a disservice.  Applying sealer during winter months will produce a sealant that will not cure properly and will prematurely wear within a matter of months. Sealer should NOT be applied unless the pavement temperature is at least 50 degrees F and RISING, along with the air temperature being 50 degrees F and RISING. The fusion of the binder particles in the sealant to form a uniform and continuous film depends on their ability to soften under the ideal air temperatures and pavement temperatures. The process of fusion is GREATLY reduced at temperatures below 50 degrees, and even higher temperatures when there is lack of ultra violet light.  Also, when sealer is applied below the ideal temperatures, refined tar particles do not soften and form a continuous film, so they leave clay and filler particles (key ingredients in sealer) uncoated. This leaves the sealer a grey and blotchy color.  The lack of ultra violet light also plays a huge factor in the proper curing of the sealant.  Of course in winter months, the sun in very low in the sky, thus the ultra violet sun rays cannot help in the curing process of sealer. If you are still considering sealcoating your property, please consider performing this work before the last week of October, or else put if off until spring.  If you have a contractor who insists on sealcoating during winter months, please re-consider having them do the work. Better yet, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to perform the work under ideal weather conditions, as per manufacturers’ specifications.


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