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Satisfied Customers for over 35 Years

For over 35 years Asphalt Enterprises has built its reputation on the good relationships we maintain with our customers. The quality work we achieve and the care we show each of our clients has helped us to become one of Atlanta’s top asphalt paving companies. Take a look at our work below.

  • ABRA Auto, Body, & Glass

    ABRA Auto, Body, & Glass

    This is the third location we have completed for this national auto repair chain.

  • Neighborhood Walmart

    Neighborhood Walmart

    This was the first job using our new 750 gallon spray system, along with a 2017 Dodge Ram towing and support vehicle. Please note the care that we take when spraying; cutting in all edges and utilizing a splatter board to prevent overspray to curbs, something that the majority of our competitors fail to do.

  • Brockett Square Shopping Center

    Brockett Square Shopping Center

    Full depth reclamation/pulverization is performed when the sub-base has failed causing the asphalt pavement to deteriorate to such a state that a Perma-Flex overlay is not feasible. This was the case on this recently completed project owned by a long time, loyal customer.

  • The Avenue West Cobb

    The Avenue West Cobb

    This high profile shopping center is a sister property to The Avenue East Cobb which we recently paved and is also featured on the completed projects page. Since this property is much newer, it only required crack sealing, sealcoating, and re-striping.

  • The Avenues East Cobb

    The Avenues East Cobb

    This project involved performing edge milling, Perma Flex paving, then re-striping a very high profile shopping center in East Cobb County. Due to the layout and high traffic volume of the center, traffic control and signage was very important.

  • Barrett Pavilion

    Barrett Pavilion

    Barrett Pavilion is a large Target anchored shopping center owned and managed by long time, repeat customer Developers Diversified. The scope of work called for us to edge mill and Perma-Flex Pave approximately 11,000 square yards of pavement, raise manholes and storm drains, and re-stripe lines and pavement markings in paved areas.

  • Northside Plaza/Food City

    Northside Plaza/Food City

    As one can see by the first few pictures, the rear of this shopping center in Dalton, Georgia is very deteriorated and unstable, so much, that a Perma-flex overlay would not be sufficient. It was decided that a full depth pulverization and reclamation was the answer, providing a pavement far superior to the original, and providing durability for the heavy delivery trucks that frequent the rear of this center on a daily basis.

  • C.R. Bard

    C.R. Bard

    Once again, repeat customer C.R. Bard called on us to perform a large paving project at their manufacturing facility in Covington, GA. The scope of work called for the widening of the truck entrance to their facility.

  • Horizon Ridge Best Buys Distribution Center

    Horizon Ridge Best Buys Distribution Center

    Horizon Ridge is an industrial warehouse/distribution center owned by long-time customer Duke Realty, and used as a main distribution center for Best Buys.

  • Post Riverside

    Post Riverside

    As mentioned in previous completed projects write-ups, Post Properties has been a loyal customer of Asphalt Enterprises since 1985. In fact, they our oldest repeat client. We take great pride in this since Post Properties has always been the standard bearer when it comes to “A” property apartments homes in the Atlanta area.

  • Regency Park Apartments

    Regency Park Apartments

    Regency Park Apartments is a very large apartment community near Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport, which is undergoing a very major renovation. We were fortunate to have been awarded the contract to perform the asphalt rehabilitation due to a successful relationship that we have had with the project manager for the last 20 years.

  • Mansell Crossing

    Mansell Crossing

    Mansell Crossing is a very large shopping center complex in Alpharetta, GA, just north of Atlanta. The scope of work included the following: Repair approximately 8,685 square yards of deteriorated asphalt prior to overlaying, full depth mill and pave with 2 inches of asphalt topping approximately 2,410 sq.yds., edge mill and Perma-Flex overlay approximately 57,250 square yards of deteriorated asphalt, crackseal 7,000 lineal feet of cracks, sealcoat approximately 71,800 square yards of pavement, then re-stripe all lines and pavement markings in the paved and sealcoated parking lots and drives.

  • Roswell United Methodist Church

    Roswell United Methodist Church

    The scope of work on this very large church project required us to edge mill and Perma-Flex Pave approximately 29,000 square yards of existing pavement.

  • Hawks Farm Sub-Division

    Hawks Farm Sub-Division

    Hawks Farm is a large, sprawling sub-division just outside of Cartersville, Georgia. It has over 2.5 miles of roads, most of them very hilly which always poses a challenge when paving.

  • C.R. Bard Phase II

    C.R. Bard Phase II

    C.R. Bard, also known as Bard Medical, is a large medical manufacturing facility in Covington, GA. As shown in the link, last year we completed a milling and perma-flex paving project of their main entrance drive and attached employee lot. This year they budgeted to pave the very large employee lot and truck court and Asphalt Enterprises was fortunate to again perform this work.

  • Woodstock Crossing—Kroger Shopping Center

    Woodstock Crossing—Kroger Shopping Center

    This project is another larger Kroger anchored shopping center, owned by a customer who we’ve been doing work for since 1985. The scope of work consisted of completing approximately 1,245 square yards of full depth replacement of severely deteriorated asphalt prior to the Perma-Flex overlay. Although Perma-Flex does a tremendous job of delaying the reflective cracking process, if the asphalt is severely buckling and unstable, this asphalt needs to be removed and replaced prior to the Perma-Flex paving process.

  • Abernathy Square Phase III

    Abernathy Square Phase III

    In 2011 and 2012 we completed the first 2 phases of the re-paving of Abernathy Square, a large Publix anchored shopping center owned by Developers Diversified in Sandy Springs, GA. In 2013 we were called upon to complete Phase III. All work was completed as per the previous 2 phases.

  • Brookside Station

    Brookside Station

    Brookside Station is a strip shopping center located in a very busy area in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was one of 3 large paving projects that we completed for The Muntzing-Sattele Group, a long time and loyal customer.

  • Newnan Pavilion

    Newnan Pavilion

    This large shopping center, owned by a repeat and long time customer, Developers Diversified, was a challenge, based on the fact that the majority of work was in the main drives, used by customers frequenting such tenants as Home Depot, Kohl's, Academy Sports, and others. As you can see by the first few pictures, proper traffic control and signage was paramount, since we had to detour traffic throughout the project.

  • C. R. Bard

    C. R. Bard

    Another repeat customer, C.R. Bard owns a large medical manufacturing and distribution center in Covington, GA. One of their parking lots and main drives was suffering from some severe deterioration, as well as alligator cracking throughout. In this scope of work we excavated, compacted the base material and installed 3 inches of 19 mm binder asphalt to approx. 300 square yards of severely failed asphalt.

  • Pratt Industries

    Pratt Industries

    Pratt Industries is a repeat customer, who we performed some concrete replacement, and Perma-Flex Paving for in 2012. They were so happy with our work that they contacted us to design, layout, and pave a new parking lot in the rear of their recycling facility in Conyers, GA.

  • Georgia 400 Center

    Georgia 400 Center

    This large crackseal, repair, sealcoat, and re-striping project was the last sealcoating job that we performed in 2012, completing it just within the ideal weather parameters that are required according to our specifications as well as manufacturer’s specifications. Georgia 400 Center is located in a prestigious area north of Atlanta, and is a very high profile office complex.

  • American Honda Motor Company

    American Honda Motor Company

    This full depth reclamation/pulverization project required us to remove and replace nearly 1,800 lineal feet of deteriorated concrete curb and gutter, pulverize and reclaim close to 6,000 square yards of deteriorated asphalt. The replacement consisted of 2,100 square yards using 2 inches of 19 mm asphalt, and 2 inches of 12.5 mm asphalt, and 3,900 square yards of 2 inches 19 mm asphalt and 1 inch of 9.5 mm. Additional work included 432 square yards of full depth saw-cut patching, over 12,000 square yards of sealcoating, and then re-striping the entire facility.

  • Post Chastain Apartment Homes

    Post Chastain Apartment Homes

    Recently we completed the final phase paving of a 6 year project where we edge milled and Perma Flex paved Post Chastain Apartment Homes. Based on their yearly budget, Post Properties allotted a certain amount of money each year to perform the milling and paving, starting with the entrance/office area, then each year performing work on sections of the back of the property.

  • Abernathy Square Phase II

    Abernathy Square Phase II

    Recently we completed the second phase of a 3 phase milling/Perma Flex paving project in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Abernathy Square Shopping Center is a Publix anchored shopping center, located on the busiest intersection in the Atlanta Metro Area.

  • Avondale Estates

    Avondale Estates

    More and more communities such as Avondale Estates have been relying on Asphalt Enterprises to perform much needed asphalt repairs, sealcoating, and Perma-Flex overlays to their properties. In fact, over the last few years homeowners associations have become a very important market segment for us.

  • Kroger Shopping Center

    Kroger Shopping Center

    This Kroger anchored shopping center located in Marietta, Georgia is one of three we have under contract in 2012, to sealcoat and stripe using the squeegee/spray method. As many know, a squeegee/spray application is far superior to the standard 2 coat spray method.

  • Flipper Temple Apartments

    Flipper Temple Apartments

    This project called for us to perform a full-depth reclamation/pulverization of the existing pavement, approximately 6,600 square yards,on a very old apartment complex that had been renovated.

  • Merchant’s Crossing Shopping Center

    Merchant’s Crossing Shopping Center

    This project is another Kroger anchored shopping center managed by Brixmor Property Group (formerly Centro Properties). The scope of work required us to Perma-Flex overlay approximately 17,000 square yards of deteriorated asphalt, as well as complete various full depth asphalt repairs.

  • New Chastain Corners

    New Chastain Corners

    This shopping center is one of many that we have worked on over the years for Centro Properties (now Brixmor Property Group). The majority of their shopping centers are anchored by Kroger Supermarkets, so it is always critical that disruption of their day to day operations is kept to a minimum when performing work, especially when the work is directly in front of their stores, as was this case on this particular project.

  • Abernathy Square

    Abernathy Square

    This project completed in June, 2011 required milling a large section of existing parking lot (approx. 10,000 square yards) to a depth of 2 inches, haul off all material, clean and prep, then pave with 1 1/2 inches (compacted) of Perma-Flex asphalt, and 1 inch of 9.5 mm asphalt topping, then re-stripe all lines and pavement markings.

  • Nexen Tire Distribution Center

    Nexen Tire Distribution Center

    This large distribution center located in Atlanta, had asphalt which was heavily oxidized, and suffered from long joint cracks, and severely dried out asphalt.

  • Concrete Replacement - First Industrial Realty

    Concrete Replacement - First Industrial Realty

    Over the last 5 or 6 years we have had more and more requests for concrete repair from many of our customers. Gradually, we have grown to where we can perform just about any type of concrete repair/replacement, from small sections of curbs, sidewalks to large parking lot replacements.

  • City of Atlanta - Street Resurfacing

    City of Atlanta - Street Resurfacing

    This fall we completed the milling and resurfacing of 5 City of Atlanta streets.

  • Post Spring Apartments

    Post Spring Apartments

    Recently we completed another project for Post Properties, who has been a loyal customer of Asphalt Enterprises since 1985. Post Spring is a property that we have worked on through the years, this time we performed some minor asphalt repair, concrete curb and sidewalk replacement, followed by cracksealing, sealcoating, and re-striping.

  • Rooms To Go

    Rooms To Go

    Rooms To Go has been a loyal customer of Asphalt Enterprises for many years and has relied on us to perform work at all of their stores in the Atlanta area and as far south as Macon.

  • Taco Bell - Douglasville, GA

    Taco Bell - Douglasville, GA

    This new paving project is one of 6 that we have performed for Taco Bell over the last few years, 3 being new construction, and 3 being re-paving of remodeled stores.

  • Peachtree DeKalb Airport

    Peachtree DeKalb Airport

    This project, part of the 2009 Runway Rehabilitation of PDK Airport, required us to install an asphalt blast pad at the end of the main runway, then pave parts of the main service/access road that circumvents the airport.

  • 615 Stonehill

    615 Stonehill

    615 Stonehill is an industrial warehouse development of Panattoni Development Company, one of the largest real estate development companies in the United States. This is the 5th project that we have completed for Panattoni over the last few years.

  • Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport

    Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport

    One of our most challenging projects to date, Asphalt Enterprises was proud to participate as a sub-contractor in the 2009 Airfield Pavement Repair Project at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

  • Gwinnett Fire Station # 30

    Gwinnett Fire Station # 30

    This is the third new Gwinnett Fire Station we have paved over the last 3 years.

  • Five Concourse Parkway – Cousins Properties

    Five Concourse Parkway – Cousins Properties

    Also known as the “King and Queen” Towers in the Perimeter Area of North Atlanta, Five Concourse Parkway is another landmark development of Cousins Properties, one of the premier real estate development firms in the country.

  • Post Crest Apartments

    Post Crest Apartments

    Since 1986 Post Properties has relied on Asphalt Enterprises for their asphalt maintenance needs. Post has earned a sterling reputation as a leader in the apartment development industry, and part of that reputation centers around the curb appeal reflected in their landscaping, and of course well maintained asphalt drives and parking lots.

  • Chick-Fil-A


    Over the last few years, we have performed work at over 40 Chick-Fil- A’s in the north Georgia area.

  • Georgia Power

    Georgia Power

    Last year we completed a large new paving and Perma-Flex project at Georgia Power’s Plant McDonough facility in Atlanta and have also completed work at many of their other facilities over the years.

  • 3000 Marconi Drive - Office Building

    3000 Marconi Drive - Office Building

    This large project at the Atlanta headquarters of a large insurance company involved milling all pavement edges along curb lines and transition points, then paving the entire lot using the Perma-Flex Paving system, followed by the restriping of the parking lot, and new handicap signage installed to meet ADA requirements.

  • City of Atlanta

    City of Atlanta

    Asphalt Enterprises, Inc. is proud to have been involved in the construction and paving of 14 new City of Atlanta Streets over the last year. These streets are the first new streets that the city has constructed from scratch in over 20 years.