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Gwinnett Fire Station # 30

This is the third new Gwinnett Fire Station we have paved over the last 3 years. The scope of work required us to install crushed aggregate base material at various thicknesses, from 7” in regular duty areas, up to 10” in heavy duty drives.  We then applied a prime coat to the base material, then came back and laid 2-3 inches of 25 mm asphalt, followed later by a liquid tack coat and 1 ½ inches of 9.5 mm asphalt topping.  Part of our contract also required us to overlay a portion of Ozora Road, following all Gwinnett County DOT specifications.  All work including the fire station parking lot and the re-paving of Ozora Road had to meet all DOT testing, including compaction tests on the base material, and compaction and density tests on the asphalt.

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